Bob Casey on Pensylvania Cable Network

  1. Saw Bob Casey on Pennsylvania Cable Network last night. Must say the guy talks the talk when it comes to healthcare. My favorite thing was the bit about "people who lay hands on the patient are the most important people in the healthcare industry". Hey, that is what I always say.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Bob Casey's well experienced with the healthcare system. He was at his father's side (former Gov Casey after the Gov's transplant and later death. He highly values Nurses and was keynote speaker at SEIU/PASNP's rally to introduce Mandatory Overtime legislation in the PA House of Representative's.

    Admire Ed Rendell for the way he turned around Philly finances and cleaned up Center City to gem it is now. He also was strong supporter of nurses in Philly. Have to watch more of PCN next week to check out their other messages.