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This is beginning to sound fishy to me. A recruiter just called about a position I put in for through a transfer where I currently work in a non-nursing position. This hospital is the only one in... Read More

  1. by   passionate
    Something alot like this happened to me. I was a surgical tech going to nursing school but continuing to take call in the OR. When I finsished school and passed my boards I put in for the first RN position the OR posted. I was told by the DNS that new grads were required to work on the floor for 2 years before specializing. I asked her to show me that in writing and I would be happy to comply. That written policy does not exist but did after I challenged it. Also, are you a represented hospital with a bargaining unit? If you find there is no policy to support what you have been told then get ahold of your state organization and inquire. Good luck.
  2. by   dnnc52
    Also in NC you can also defend any negative stuff in your file. Even if its an ex-employer. HR is a lot more professional now then in the past. many of the older wrire-ups are based upon hear say and genearl personality dislikes. I had 6 writeups in 8yrs and always from one particular nurse. Also I found that positive write-ups from families, patients and other sources were not in my records. That they gave me a copy of. I have been gone from this place almost 10yrs. I suggest all the nurse to review their files. YES as long as the hospital is a public hospital and particpates with federal programs, then we can have access to our personel files. But beware there is at tmes a "shadow file" But even with that you can see them as well with the right consultant. Also they are not allowed to remove or add to your file after you get a copy. The problem with blacklisting is that many HR and recruiters are friends and network. always keep records of the places that you apply and a journal of the activity as well.