Asthma Talk in Bethel Park

  1. Bethel Park RN ass. is having guest speaker about asthma this morning and I am going.
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    This turned out to be the monthly meeting for this nursing association. I must say what a bunch of sweetie pies. The guest speaker is a clinical immunology specialist and a nurse. Spoke to her personally and she me made me realize that perhaps approaching my asthma from the immunology perspective would be the way for me to go. I was suprised to find that I knew almost as much about asthma as she did. Wish I could say that is because I am a nurse. Unfortunately, it is because I am a patient. My lung specialist would be well advised to have a resource person like like this to do all the teaching that asthma patients need so desperately. His patients have to educate themselves and learn things the hard way. I know this from personal experience. Other info about this nursing association is that it is independant of any national group and was founded in 1961. I was easily the youngest person at this meeting by 10 years. The average age of the members is probably 76. I tried broaching the subject of the current sad state of the nursing profession but for the most part they were not able to grasp what I was talking about. I was repeatedly asked from which hospital based nursing school had I graduated. I thought that was kinda cute. Imagine someone in the 21st century still thinking that if a person is a nurse they must also be a diploma school grad. I have to admit that in the early years of my life I thought the same way. Like I said at the beginning of this post, they were a bunch of charming, caring women. PS to moderator, could you please move this thread to the nurse activism forum. I would be most grateful.
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    Could you please give more info re this Nursing Association Oramar???