Anyone work for Kindred?

  1. I'm considering a position at a Kindred Hospital (formerly Vencor). Does anyone have any experience with them? I know we have to be careful of what we say here, but maybe we could use the PM feature? I would appreciate any feedback. The offer is almost too good to be true, I would like to make sure it isn't. Thanks!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Never worked for Kindred. Have heard pros and con about them.

    However, Kindred rents space at the local hospital my homecare agency is affiliated with---the docs are mostly the same ones who are the patients PCP so they get good medical care. Better staffed than some hospitals, longer term patient 5 days to several weeks even 2-3 months. Ours has a good reputation with stable staff.

    The Kindred stand alone facility in Phiadelphia that used to be Vencor hospital doesn't have the same reputation. Short staffed at times and very much run as a BUSINESS. So check out the facility carefully... just like you would any hospital/SNF. Sitting in the lobby you get to have a feel for the facility--check out cafeteria too.
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  4. by   bella548
    I work for Kindred and havent had any problem with them so far.I got the first installment of my bonus on schedule.The pay could be better and ratios at times could be much better but i believe that is pretty much anywhere you go...............,Bella
  5. by   concerned lady
    How is it for patients, now (Nov., 2009) at Kindred Hospital, in Boston, MA?

    I know of a patient who was recently trached, and has still not been diagnosed (this was at Auburn, in Cambridge), and is being sent to Kindred, for "rehab".

    The pt. is around 70, and daughter contacted me, suspecting VCD (see my website below, for what VCD is all about).

    Pt. had some pneumonia, and ???, couldn't breathe unless on a ventilator, so was just trached the other day. Pt. is up and about, still npo, and daughter needs advice--worried about what this rehab place is really like.

    Daughter & mom (the pt.) speak English as a second language, so it's even a little tougher on them both.

    Anyone who works there, now, who could give me info (the good, the bad, and the ugly). please reply.

    Thanks in advance.

    Carol (in Colorado) (retired RN)
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