Agreement imminent on Nurse Reinvestment Act

  1. a compromise "nurse reinvestment act" could find its way to the senate floor in the next few days, and possibly the president's desk by the end of next week. house and senate negotiations over hr. 3487 and a similar but more expansive s. 1684 (incorporating the nursing employment and education development act, s. 721) have been finalized. the house,
    meanwhile, is slated to take up the bill under suspension of the rules (no amendments permitted) the week of july 22. both chambers have set aug. 1 as the target
    date for resolution.

    of persistent disagreement among negotiators was how best to authorize funding for the various scholarship, grant and loan repayment initiatives in both bills.

    house republicans prevailed in their effort to use more flexible language, i.e., "such sums as necessary," as opposed to stipulating specific dollar amounts, which senate negotiators and house democrats favored. the compromise bill would permit loan cancellation for nurses earning advanced degrees, contingent on post-graduation service as nursing faculty.

    "magnet facility" language from s. 1684, favored by the american nurses association, would provide rn retention and patient safety grants to health facilities that support greater provider and care activity coordination.

    also reportedly included in the final bill:

    **scholarship and loan repayment programs for nurses agreeing to serve at least two years at health facilities in designated "critical shortage" areas;

    **career ladder grants;

    **grants to nursing schools, hospitals and other health facilities to create gerontology training programs;

    **funding for a series of public service announcements to promote the profession.

    i remember when wildtime was against this bill and was writing to congress...guess other nurses and nursing supporters out numbered him. truely believe this legislation will help us for years. karen

    ana hails congressional agreement on nurse reinvestment act

    action needed!
    tell congress that they must pass the nurse reinvestment act now!

    call this number today! - 202-224-3121
    (will directly connect you to the congressional switchboard - ask for your state delegation)

    to write your representative, go to select the name of your representative, go to their website and follow the directions for e-mailing a message.

    to write to your senators, go to select the senators for your state, go to their websites and follow the directions for e-mailing a message.

    important! don't forget to include your mailing address in the text of the message! this indicates that you are a constituent and allows your representative and senators to respond to you.


    deliver the message:

    *congress must not delay in passing the nurse reinvestment act.

    *the present and growing nursing shortage is already impacting patient care.

    **the shortage will reach crisis proportions if congress fails to act.
    *support best practices for nurse administration i. e. staffing!
    *** congress must address retention as well as recruitment!

    read more on the issue:
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  3. by   -jt
    <<House and Senate negotiations over HR. 3487 and a similar but more expansive S. 1684 (incorporating the Nursing Employment and Education Development Act, S. 721) have been finalized.......... "Magnet facility" language from S. 1684, favored by the American Nurses Association, would provide RN retention and patient safety grants to health facilities that support greater provider and care activity coordination. >>

    Glad to see they paid attention to our arguments & letters & left the Senates retention piece in the final version. That language will ensure workplace improvements, retention incentives, & involving the RNs in the decisions that affect their practice. The bill that the House of representatives wanted - with only langauge that addressed funding new students & educators - would have been no help without this clause. Now all we have to do is get the president to sign it as is.
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    The ANA achieved a major legislative victory when the Nurse Reinvestment Act was passed by Congress on July 22. Once signed into law by President Bush later this summer, the measure will authorize federal funding for scholarships and loan repayments for nursing students who agree to work in shortage areas after they graduate. In addition, it will include grants to encourage facilities to implement the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program criteria for excellence in nursing services.
    The ANA worked closely with several key members of Congress to secure the original introduction of the legislation in both the House and Senate in 2001. ANA's success in securing the bill's passage was due to its tireless lobbying, the grass-roots efforts of its constituent member associations, and the participation of hundreds of nurses nationwide in its N-STAT program. "The Nurse Reinvestment Act will go a long way toward attracting young people into the nursing profession," said ANA President Barbara Blakeney, MS, RN, CS, ANP. "This investment in the nursing workforce is crucial to the health and welfare of all Americans and will enhance the nation's ability to respond to public health crises."

    Time to lean on the White House for President's signing