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  1. from ANA's Workplace Advocacy Program

    Call for Nominations - Mature/Experienced Nurse

    Do you have a story to share about a mature/experienced nurse (age 55 and over) that is in a nursing position that is creative and meaningful that has resulted in him or her staying in the nursing workforce?

    Do you know a nurse that is over age 55 years that would like to serve on a short term task force to assist in selecting the stories for a monograph on the mature/experienced nurse?

    Workplace Advocacy (WPA), a structural unit of the American Nurses Association (ANA), is seeking to share success stories of mature/experienced nurses who are employed in creative and meaningful work environments through a monograph. The monograph will represent nurses from diverse work environments. ANA member and non-members will be considered for publication. The monograph will be published and disseminated to WPA members and the public in early summer 2003. WPA wants to share your work and spotlight nurses and organizations that have developed strategies to keep the wisdom and knowledge of the mature/experienced nurse in the workforce.

    In addition, WPA will select seven employed, mature/experienced nurses from across the nation to help with the development of this monograph. Who better to select the success stories than those who are involved day-to-day? The time commitment will be short lived, April through June. The work will be done via telecommunications with a final meeting to be held face-to-face. WPA will underwrite the cost of the meeting.

    WPA asks that you submit your success stories via the Monograph Submission Application form. We are asking for your submission to be 500 words or less. Stories selected for the monograph will be edited and expanded as indicated.

    If you are a nurse or would like to suggest one to serve on the WPA advisory panel, please submit the name via the Nominiation form.

    All submissions are due by April 02, 2003 to Betsey Lewis Snow, Director of Workplace Advocacy, 600 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 100W, Washington, DC 20024 or fax to 202-651-7001 bsnow@ana.org.

    Please direct questions to Betsey Lewis Snow at 1-800-924-7402, extension 7248 or bsnow@ana.org.

    I have 2 "retired" RN's that work 2 days a week in my department---couldn't function without them. Nancy has been an RN since 1955. I first worked with her 15 years ago doing private duty for a vent dependent lady who was max assist, complete care. Since now 70, Nancy's "taking it easy" and states without this paycheck she would qualify for Medicaid due to pension only 160.00 month. Think I have a good candidate here. Karen
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  3. by   oramar
    Karen, I want you to know I sent a couple of names in to that address. These are people who are between 55 and 60 and still working 40 to 50 hours a week. Amoung them they probably have way over 100 years at the bedside.