100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare

  1. excerpt from modern healthcare:

    vital issues

    while it is top-heavy in reimbursement and regulation, the list also reflects the industry's increased preoccupation in recent years with two other vital issues--workforce shortages and quality improvement.

    led by barbara blakeney, president of the washington-based american nurses association, who ranked no. 34, the 100 most powerful list features three well-recognized nursing officials who are on the frontlines of a national staffing crisis that has captured the rapt attention of the entire industry....

    100 most powerful people in healthcare

    also listed:
    54. mary foley, past president, american nurses association, washington

    81. rose ann demoro, executive director, california nurses association, oakland ( who is not a nurse, but labor ceo)

    three nursing healthcare leaders out of 100, no wonder no power!

    need to continue to grow our own so this new list will change significantly by10 years time.
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  3. by   Aussienurse2
    Might I humbly suggest that NURSES are the most powerfull people in healthcare? It's just that we are too nice, and trained to clean up the s*^t that we see. Maybe if we stopped taking it and banded to-gether, worldwide, we might see some action.