Type 1 diabetes nurses and NCLEX

  1. Hi,
    I havn't been over here for a while.

    I have a new friend she's a type 1 diabetic and they are telling her that she can't bring her meter or treatments for lows into the exam.
    I know you can leave anytime for bathroom break-when I took mine back in 91 I had hyperemesis and threw up during each test.
    They want her to leave her meter in locker outside. This probably woudn't be a problem but she's has problems with hypoawareness. the nclex people are saying that diabetes isn't a disability-I know that's not true! having a pancreas that doesn't secrete insulin not a disability?

    Thanks for any help
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  3. by   P_RN
    Is there an appeal system? Could the proctor (do they still have them) be asked to hold it and look out for her? Surely they don't think she can hide crib notes on her glucometer.
  4. by   frann
    I think she's spoken to everyone.
    they tell her that diabetes isn't a disability! and that she has to leave her meter locked ina locker outside. I find it hard enough having diabetes(I just manage my dd's D,sometimes I feel like I have D myself), then they put all this bs on you. really ticks me off the way we treat our own.
  5. by   aloha551
    I.m a Type 1 diabetic and before I took my boards I had my school contact the people from the board and they permitted me to place a can of OJ and some crackers on my table. If you are like me the stress levels caused my sugars to elevate during the test and when I was finished I needed to take extra insulin. Hope that helps. BOL