Talk about an ironic situation

  1. I had a horrible day today Saturday. I woke up with larynheal spasms and brochospasms. (complications from whooping cough). So it's been 1 year since I needed to neb with my 4% lidocaine solution. Found the bottle....empty. Called Mayo Clinic Pharm to get a RF called in to my hometown pharm. Mayo is closed. So I call my FP ON CALL, and he agrees to call in the RX. The only place in town who had 1 bottle left was at the hospital where I was misdiagnosed. And the IM Doc on call was the Doc who didn't open the lid to the box ( A Marie Quote-Thanks).

    The Pharmacist there talked to my husband along time, I couldn't speak in a full sentence, and pretty panicky, anyway when this hospital first gave me lidocaine nebs it was with 1% injectable solution. I ????? the doc (yes I did) if it shouldn/t be topical and he told me no, that is the wrong stuff. Now this Dr. only uses the topical 4%, so my husband told the pharmacist, if Dr.****** needs this tell him you sold the last bottle in town to Sharona 97 (actually my legal name of course).

    I felt kinda bad, thinking what if someone needs this in-house tonight. Isn't that strange as I'm sitting there spasming out and feeling guilty because this was so ironic?
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    Please do not feel guilty. They have ways of getting more stuff in on the weekend.

    Our hospital might not have something, but we can get it from the Mother Ship (our main hospital in a different city) if it's needed. We have couriers between hospitals for situations like that, but it's not used too often, so most people don't even know that capability exists.

    (((((Hoping you feel better soon!)))))))
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  4. by   UM Review RN
    I have to add this -- the reason I found out about the service was that our entire hospital (different one than I'm working right now) was completely out of Regular Insulin for a couple of hours once. It was about 0400 when the problem was discovered and the Courier had us a new supply within a couple of hours.
  5. by   sharona97
    Today Sunday , I woke up those darn spasms again from a dead sleep. So I nebbed at 12:30am, took my 25mg of Benadryl, as I've had a near closure with nebbing before.(My husband was trained what to do if that ever happened). Hubby was sleeoing so I just went ahead and nebbed. Releif for 4h and I'm losing my ability to speak again. And DH bawled me out for not waking him, so it's 0430 now and someoneis knocking at my door. I was so scared, the dogs barking, my husband wakes up thinking it's a burgalar and here it's our son!

    I guess my gardian angel is on duty this weekend, Huh? Thanks for the well wishes Angioplasty!
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