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  1. Hi, I apologize for my typing. I am a home care hospice palliative RN. On July 6 during my shift I experienced nausea and weak legs. I rescheduled my final pt and drove 45 minutes home and went to take a nap. My 11 year old woke me up and i was experiencing right side weakness and aphasia. After going to the local ER and being misdiagnosed with a herniated disk my symptoms progressively got worse. The next day I went to another ER and was dx with a stroke. After rehab i can do most things for myself. My qustion is has anyone used ovr to get back into the work force?
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    What is ovr? Do you mean vocational rehab?
  4. by   lilli99
    Yes, vocational rehabilitation
  5. by   Crystal-Wings
    Avoid vocational rehab like the plague! They'll try and stick you in some low paying retail job or something like that. They aren't helpful at all in all of my experiences I've had with them.
  6. by   quixotic.dy
    You are a RN. You have a lot of options. You don't need vocational rehab, you just need to find a new specialty if you think that you cannot be a home care hospice nurse anymore. Look into the insurance companies. I know that might be like working for the Devil but I know a nurse who works from home and makes decent money. They usually want nurses for telehealth to triage patients and hopefully keep them from going to the doctor or ER when they should just stay home and eat some chicken noodle soup.

    Or see if you can get help going back to school, you could become a nursing instructor. We have an even larger shortage of those which is compounding the RN shortage issue.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck!