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As hard as it is to admit even now---two months after my career crashed and burned in a rather spectacular flameout that my former co-workers are reportedly still talking about---there's something to... Read More

  1. by   Mistyone13
    Great post! I've been a nurse for 30 years & was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 8 years ago. Nursing is becoming very difficult for me too. The calamity of it causes lack of focus & distraction. Working a construction job sounds more enjoyable!
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    Thank you, and Welcome to Allnurses!

    You know, I wonder if those of us who are diagnosed later in life have a more difficult course because it's gone unchecked for so long. I began to suspect BP over a decade ago when I picked up a copy of Jane Pauley's book Skywriting and immediately saw a lot of myself in it. Even my sister skimmed through the pages and said "I think you have that." But I was too scared to do anything about it, because the only medication I knew about at the time was lithium and I wasn't going to take that. I also refused to go see a psychiatrist because then everyone would think I was crazy.

    Well, looking back now I realize how foolish that was, because it might have been so much less complicated if I'd dealt with it sooner. It took me over a year and a half to stabilize, and I've been through several different types of meds to get to the right "cocktail", which contains quite a lot of medication. But I'm thankful for it because it does keep me pretty steady, even though it's never going to fix my memory or my ability to focus, and I'm never going to be the nurse I used to be. We take our blessings where we can.
  3. by   CrazyCoconut
    This article hit me hard, because I can feel the way you struggled much like how I did. Alot of us have struggled, but we keep perseverance. And your journey showed nothing but perseverance. Even despite the turning point in your career, you took a step back, re-analyzed your identity and what you want in life, and came right back with a plan. You didn't give up. Your sharing of stories and contributions to your family, friends, and heck even strangers like me only goes to show how great of a person you are and your contributions to the world. That's an accomplishment!