A First For Me!

  1. The last night I worked over the past weekend, I was assigned two patients in surgical ICU....one little old man (pit tumor removed) was ready for transfer and discharge...he dealt with his roommate by keeping a blanket over his head and sleeping all night....got up by bedside for urination.
    I got a terrible start (got the two patients from two different nurses), my other patient was post stop-sign running granny who T-boned my patient on his motorcycle .... he was post cerebral hemmorhage and still casted for a broken leg.....the nurse giving me report said to me, in a loud voice x 3, "you're not going to be able to handle him"....several other nurses around her and I heard her and they apologized to me later - they were appalled that she said that to me...
    I thought, honestly, that the RN giving me report and saying that to me was retarded; especially since her report consisted solely of reading me the CT report on the patient...I bit my tongue.
    My patient was purely insane: he spent most of the night getting oob to use the urinal; they had pulled the foley prior to shift change...he was not displaying any signs of retention and he refused a one-time straight cath .... he refused monitoring; he refused NBP, etc.
    He was alert and oriented and spent the other part of his night moaning about being "fkd" by the accident - he is a postal worker on probation for cocaine use - the accident will cause him to loose his job (I seriously doubt that).
    Complain, complain, complain.
    What he said to me at one point while I was supporting his back with my left hand and he was leaning on the top rail using the urinal: why are you shaking? I explained I have PD....he then said: GET YOUR HAND OFF ME - IT DISGUSTS ME.
    I cannot begin to tell you how hurt I was.
    I did the best I could with him the rest of the shift. He refused his insulin at 0600; I called the Doc and let him know.
    Piece of work!!!
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  3. by   herecomestrouble
    OMG,I would have had to bite my tongue to keep from telling him "drug addicts disgust me" LOL.You did say early on that the guy was"purely insane".What a horrible thing to say to you.
  4. by   walk6miles
    I wish I were quicker ... that would have done it...what a creep he is...no wonder his coworkers at the post office turned him in for violating parole....
  5. by   70sCat
    Yikes. Pt's can be really hurtful sometimes. They're feeling cruddy and strike out. Of course they don't realize that we're often feeling pretty cruddy too, and it takes a lot of patience and will power on our part not to snap back an equally hurtful response. I know I've bit my tongue many times. I'm sorry that pt was nasty to you.

    take good care,
  6. by   ohmeowzer RN
    he was nasty , i am sorry he is so ignorant.that shows his mentality right there. he was disgusting. every dog has their day... and he will have his ..probably sooner than we think. take care..