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How are CRNA's in your area teated during Nurses week, Nurses Day??

I have cards for the other nurses I work with and was going to give them to the CRNA's also. What do you all think? Sometimes I get the feeling they don't look at themselves as "nurses" but only as "CRNA's"

What would you think of a Happy Nurses Day card?


lowly plain old RN, :D


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They're still nurses, and I think would appreciate a card or might feel left out!


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It's funny, at my facility the MDA's really almost enjoy calling us nurses and downplaying our anesthesia knowledge, but did nothing for us for nurses week. We are all nurses - Certified REGISTERED NURSE Anesthetist - and most of us pride ourselves on the nursing care we give to anesthetized patients. So, I would have loved to be recognized too, but the fulfillment I get from my career is more than enough.

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