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does anyone know what ever happened to nurses working together as a team? there is so much back stabbing going on it is very disheartening. we need to get back to watching out for each other instead of fighting each other. as a profession the only way we can get respect is if we start by respecting each other first. if anyone has a comment or an experience concerning this subject write back. [email protected]



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Boy! I have said the very same thing time and time again. Only being a nurse for three years, the FIRST lesson I learned was NURSES EAT THEIR YOUNG!! Never in my life have I had to walk on pins and needles for so long. Lucky for me, there were several 'senior' nurses who remembered what it was like to be fresh out of school! After a time, I decided I wanted to work in Critical Care. Most of the nurses I worked with took CRITICAL to a new heights! Why is it they felt that had to be critical about EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY!??? I figured the only way I was going to servive in that environment was to become just like them, so I left. Too bad, I feel I had much to offer, much to learn. There are no easy answers, Is there a way to make someone be kind and considerate? If the seed is not there to begin with, how can it grow?

Before nursing I worked for sixteen years in a factory, a blue collar job. Everyone seemed to work as a team to get the job done and had fun doing it. There was RESPECT for each other.

Not sure what the answer is for this dilemna. But, unless something is done, our profession is going to be hard pressed for replacement nurses. No one can stand what we have to put up with for very long. It;s really very sad.

Team work is greatly enhanced by getting to know your coworkers. In these busy times, it seems better to offer assistance than to complain about not getting any. I have the luxury of working with a great bunch of people. We take care of our patients and we take care of each other.

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