What is alike a ft and pt job? i mean,how many days and hr you spend working weekly?

what is your weekly schedule ?

is it always the same? or flexible?

averagly, how much do nurses get paid weekly?

do you have anytime to share with your family and friends?


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3/36, unless I can grab some OT, then it's 4/48 or 5/60.

some days I work, some days I don't.

nope, and yep.

not enough.



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Most places let you make your schedule, you make them like a month at a time. You normally have to work a,certain amount of weekends. I work 12,hours shifts 3 days a week. Pick up overtime when I want. I am a new nurse and get paid 24.60/hr. I live in San Antonio. I get weekend and shift differential after 3pm 3 more. And weekend 3 more an,hour.

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Making your own schedule is not the norm. How much you make and how much you work will vary depending on where you live


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You spend no hours working weekly if you use grammar like that on your application. I'm not trying to be mean or attack you personally....but your words are a reflection of you and you're most likely not going to be standing in front of the person reading your application. Just trying to give you an honest heads-up. Unfortunately, we are judged by others based on many things, and I would think you'd want a favorable judgement in this situation. Maybe you don't care, and if that's the case, I apologize. But someone who can't use the English language properly is going to have a tough time with professional communication and complex medical terms. If English is not your first language, no one expects you to be a master of it. But using proper capitalization and grammar is I think preferred being that your charting can become a court document and needs to be able to be clearly understood. Best of luck to you.

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Specializes in Critical Care, ED, Cath lab, CTPAC,Trauma. Has 43 years experience. are just starting your nursing journey. You will not really be able to make your own schedule. Full time is 40 hours per week in accordance with federal labor laws. Part time is usually anything less than 36 hours per week according to facilities.

It will be important as you go forward to become more proficient at English which is why allnurses, as per the Terms of Service, requires all English, proper punctuation, and no text speak.

How much a nurse gets paid weekly varies from location to location and varies with the cost of living. I saw on another post that you are on Long Island. The cost of living there is much higher that lets say.....Akron Ohio so the pay will vary accordingly. The New York Area has a very tough job market right now and many new grads are having difficulty finding work at all.

I raised 2 children and worked full time nights and had plenty of time with my family.

All the best!