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I am a new RN with two years of experience. I gained my BSN degree in the Philippines and has worked in Saudi Arabia for a duration of two years with the main intention of gaining "adequate" work experience. I have always dreamed of working in the US, or Canada. Right now I am contemplating on which step to take. I still did not take the required exams for US or Canada employment, IELTS and such. I do want to earn and at the same time prepare for all the exams needed. I do have few questions in mind:

1. Is it wise to take all the exams then file my applications for US or Canada? How long does the entire process take? and how much might it all cost?

2. Should I just consider working in other countries like Singapore in the mean time while I prepare for the said exams and apply for employment in the US or Canada?

3. Is US and Canada still a viable choice for Nurses like me?

Thanks in advance..

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I think dreams are still possible as long as you are aware on what is currently happening in the countries you wish to move to and that there may be a long long wait to get there.

The US has retrogression plus if you read state forums and the general nursing discussion forum there are many many nurses struggling to find work.

Canada is also having it's own issues at the moment with people loosing jobs and moving provinces (meaning partners/spouse moves that are nurses) and Alberta is having some big major upheavals within the health care (just read the thread in the Canadian forum)

Having experience will help but be prepared that it will not expediate the process and still may take a long time

The US has a long line nurses just like you and others from different fields waiting for a visa. Some have been waiting for years and still have years to wait.

Keep dreaming but also know the reality regarding the places that you want to work in. Keep gaining the experience, and keep your knowledge current because that's going to keep you in the running for nursing positions abroad. There's no guarantee you will get a visa, because anybody can be denied, get your paperwork started and get your name on that list but keep in mind from what I hear the wait is between 5-8 years depending. Good Luck

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