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How long is your commute to your workplace? Do you think the long commute is worth it? Do you even consider the time you spend sitting in a car, bus, or train when computing your salary? ... Read More

  1. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from Ntheboat2
    Wow. How does that work, anyway? Do they put you on a list and then anyone who applies after you gets put on the list after you?

    What if the people who apply after you have a higher GPA? Do they get in line in front of you? That's wild.

    *** Actualy not wild at all. IN large part of the country nursing school admissions are pure wait lists. Anyone who meets the minimum requirments gets on the wait list and waits their turn. There is nothing a canidate can do to move up the wait list reguardless of qualifications or GPA.
  2. by   MatteyIce
    Move to LA... No matter what profession you're in if its rush hour, it's about a hour for a 15 min drive...

    My friends that live in Ohio think driving 30 minutes to work is too long and won't work THAT far... LOL... One of them didn't have a job and said that I almost lost it!!!! Haha... Good stuff to the people who does it everyday... Anything over a hour better bring in a great deal of money though!!!
  3. by   DVorah
    My commute is about 25 miles, much of it interstate. Since I work night shift, the majority of the traffic is always in the opposite direction. I really love the magnet hospital I work at, and my coworkers are fantastic! I also work part-time for a staffing agency that sometimes places me at the hospital which is only 0.5 miles from my house. After seeing the difference in administration and staff, I find I much prefer my regular job --even though I hate the drive. (Thank heavens for recorded books!)