Can you imagine having Spiderman as a patient? - page 2

With the Spiderman movie coming out next week I thought it would be great to poke fun at Spiderman. Do you have any nursing Spiderman jokes to share? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please... Read More

  1. by   ARCTX85
    Seems like just trying to assess and chart Spiderman could end up leaving you with getting scheduled for a psych-eval. hahaha
  2. by   amygarside
    LOL! This just made my day.
  3. by   Kashia
    Long ago, we did have a patient called Spiderman. He was the real deal. He had been bitten by brown recluse , delayed seeking treatment, damage eventually to bone.... and he ended up having total hip replacement. He was Spiderman! :-))
  4. by   razzberry
    Lolzzzzzz !!!