Working while waiting on BON

  1. Hi everyone. Have any of you worked as a nurse while waiting on the BON to get up with you? If so, what was the outcome - did u have to cut back to part time, not work for a while , etc? I've been a dialysis RN for a year now . This Feb will be 2 years since I self reported and met with an investigator. For the first several months after I reported , I contacted the investigator a few times and all he said was "we are working on it" When I met with him , he asked if I was interested in the nurse recovery program , and I told him yes. I haven't heard anything from the recovery program.
    This just seems strange. I'm praying I don't have to repeat a rehab program. I've completed a rehab program and have a certificate , and I have a sponsor, and attending AA meetings and getting signatures. I'm ready to get in the recovery program- as I know it will be 3-5 years.
    Has anyone had a similar situation?
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  3. by   PixieRN1
    For me, I had my monitoring agreement, signed in hand, 3 weeks after my investigation launched. The info came in the certified letter with my notification of investigation. I called them the next day and again, had a signed contract in less than three weeks.

    That being said, almost a year later, my actual case has not even gone before the Board. I’ve already been returned to practice per the program and am working in a hospital as an RN.

    I understand it could be two more years before I ever hear from the Board again. In the meantime, I’m already doing the program and have all that time in the bank.

    Keep hounding the Monitoring program, not the investigator as much. You need to self refer to the program and call them yourself; the investigator doesn’t do that. I have a five year contract.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   got_nurseing73
    The signed agreement your talking about, is that the terms of your probation ? did anything change with your license when you singed the contract or is that what the meeting your awaiting for?