Unexpected sources of alcohol that might cause positive drug screen result

  1. I was reading that I should avoid soy sauce and red wine vinegar because they may cause a positive alcohol test result. And vanilla extract too. Are there any other foods that might cause a positive result? What about apple cider vinegar?

    Now I'm feeling paranoid about everything! I use red wine vinegar a lot! And I frequently use soy sauce in my marinades when I grill chicken.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Some cough syrups.
  4. by   muirite
    Mouthwash. B12 in some energy drinks well only if you drink lots
  5. by   muirite
    Any vinegar. Vinegar is soured wine
  6. by   Omaapecm
    Just get in the habit of reading labels. All labels! Even face washes, lotions and moisturizers. I uses baby lotions just to be on the safe side. It most certainly can make you paranoid. If uncertain just error on the side of caution.
  7. by   peachfuzz
    Do NOT use otc weight lifting supplements. I am a RN who has been in recovery since 2009 for opiates. Had 1 + etg in 2012 for etg. TPAPN declared it incidental from hand sanitizer. 2 years later had another. Bam..."you are guilty". Reported me to Board. I had been using alcohol free soap, hand sanitizer, tooth paste, lotion, deodorant, no perfume, extracts, liquid flavoring of any kind and hardly ever ate anything I didn't cook. The only thing I changed was adding DHEA and Pregnenolone to my workout regimen (I am a fitness competitor). Bought them at GNC and never even considered alcohol might be an ingredient. I was so vigilant about everything else I consumed. How could I be so stupid...Now I am unemployed and have a board order. PLEASE check and double check what you consume!
  8. by   Omaapecm
    Thanks for the additional info. It's always good to be familiar with new products!!!
  9. by   VinoLover2030
    perfume, mouth wash have low levels but do have alcohol in them
  10. by   SororAKS
    Deodorant and some toothpastes with mouthwash in them. Salad dressings. Poppy seeds in dressings, sauces and muffins.
  11. by   SororAKS
    Deodorant, some toothpastes, soaps, hand sanitizers, perfumes. Yes, even the latter, I was a bit sad to figure that one out because I love wearing perfume...but since I can make my own I started wearing that instead
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