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So, I currently still have (hopefully) 56 more weeks in my Monitoring Program. (yes, I actually have it counted down. I'm sure other people do too.) I am in a 3 year program my license limited to a... Read More

  1. by   Starprism888
    Quote from catsmeow1972
    I too am OR. Although the stress of a badly run OR is what helped out the crash and burn episode that got me here. My first job out of the gate with this ball and chain was also run like a nursery school sandbox. I am looking for something outside OR now. Its difficult considering that's all ice done for 15 years. I'm at 2 years and 11 months to go....not counting or anything.
    I came out of nursing school straight to OR and I have 14 years in the OR. So, like you, I also think they see my resume and think why is she applying outside of the OR. I have lost most medication knowledge, haven't started an IV since nursing school, and other skills that med surg nurses have I have lost. I'm also a little nervous going outside of all I've ever known, but now its time for sink or swim. I need a paycheck. I've even looked into finishing my BSN, and living off student loans. But, I'm not even sure that is possible because I think you need an "unemcumbered" RN license to enroll. I meet with the dean of the college on Thursday. My license just says Valid only in "State." The difference is mine isn't Multi-state and there is no discipline or sanctions listed when you search under my name. Deciding whether to open that can of worms.
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    I have my BSN and CNOR and tried the grad school route. No go...the whole "unencumbered license" BS. I've done pre-op and some PACU as well as ER for a year in the past. I can start an IV and most of the med knowledge is there because I'm always looking stuff up. It doesn't seem to matter. I took that last job because like you, it was the only thing offered. It was truly an awful experience. Since my dirty details are plastered all over my license I will forever have to discuss my mental health with any potential employer even after my sentence is served. I will also never be able to move to another state because any other BON will see it and I risk being forced to do their program too. Even probation for convicted criminals ends at some point.