1. Will having a DWI that I received September 2014 affect me getting a job? I also am currently on TPAPN since October 20 2014. Both happen within a month apart but are two different situations. The Bon knows about my dwi and since I am on TPAPN I just needed to inform them. I have a job that kept me since I started TPAPN, but the hospital I work at has low census and worries me about having hours. I want to apply other places like psychiatric hospitals but just don't know what to expect since I have a dwi on my record and TPAPN ( which if you pull my name it doesn't show any Disciplinary action bc TPAPN wasnt board ordered yet, I just agreed to it)Please let me know if you know what I should expect. Thanks!
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  3. by   Big Blondie
    Apply for jobs. If you dont have a practice violation say so. If you dont have a conviction then innocent till proven guilty. Good dwi atty. could get it thrown out. Dont mention it if no conviction. Say you are self referral. Sounds better! Sell your sobriety and how TPAPN is helping you. Easier to find a job when you have a job! Good luck
  4. by   Nurselnk
    Well I am convicted for my DWI and I'm not a self referral.... I was reported 3rd party by my hospital for taking medications. When interviewing for a new job am I supposed to say what I did? I mean my restrictions are gone as in I can pass narcotics, work night, overtime and float. So I don't see how hiring. TPAPN nurse would be an issue unless they're worried I'll relapse.... I just don't know how much info I have to give out to my new potential job.
  5. by   Big Blondie
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  7. by   CryssyD
    I'm confused--you are in TPAPN for diversion, and now you have a DWI? And you are free to look for a job? Because in the program I just completed, a DWI--for anything, even cold medicine--would have been considered evidence of drug abuse and thus a relapse, probably necessitating a stay in rehab. Maybe you should be concerned about why you got the DWI rather than how you should get a job--I don't mean to be judgmental, but your lack of a job might be the lesser problem.
  8. by   Nurselnk
    I got a dwi and failed a drug screen at work 4 days later. This was September 2014. This both was over a year ago o have been sober for a year. I have a job at a hospital just want to maybe move to a different city and work at a hospital where low census isn't an issue. Just wasn't sure how difficult it was to get a job while on TPAPN plus a DWI on my record. Sorry for the confusion
  9. by   Nurselnk
    I have done the rehab and everything. Like I said I've been in TPAPN for a year now.
  10. by   CryssyD
    Ah, re-read your post--my bad. My dyslexia kicks in at the weirdest times.

    Absolutely, focus on the positive--doing well, the past is behind you, you've learned from your experiences, etc. I don't know if it's standard in Texas, but hospitals and nursing homes in my state usually do a criminal background check as a matter of course; a DWI conviction would show up on that. And many applications ask about convictions. If you explain it on the application and your interviewer doesn't ask about it, you probably don't have to bring it up, though.
  11. by   Nurselnk
    Lol, I just don't know if having a DWI is a big deal on your record... I'm still young so idk if that makes any difference. I know they'll see it on my background check. I just don't know what to expect when applying is all...
  12. by   CryssyD
    Interestingly, I heard a news report on the radio today about how the incidence of DUIs is increasing, especially among women (I guess the stereotype is that most DUIs are men). You'd be surprised at how many pillars of the community get DUIs--it's not as uncommon as you might think.

    Anyway, I think the main thing is to be prepared to answer questions about it, and handle the situation with grace--I don't think people will be as shocked as you might think.
  13. by   Nurselnk
    Ok thank you I appreciate you replying