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Hi all. I'm very glad to see that there is a place for recovering people here. I have a question, please. I have FINALLY been accepted to a 2 year program, and I am filling out the many medical... Read More

  1. by   Babs0512
    bigred: I don't necessarily think not disclosing your medical hx is lying. We have just as much right to that as the patients we care for.

    I'm not an ETOH or NA - but my daughter was. She is in recovery.

    If a new PCP I'm seeing were to ask me about an ETOH hx, I would be inclined to answer "yes" - so he/she has a full hx on me.

    However, if my employer asked me, I would say "no". NOT because I want to lie, but because they have no right to ask me that. How about if they asked "have you ever had an abortion?" That's none of their business either.

    Unless the ETOH/Narcotic's resulted in an arrest, I wouldn't answer it - for the sake of my privacy, and for the sake of my career. Trust me, those who answer "yes" are the first to be suspected when the Narc count is off. That is wrong of coarse, but true nontheless.

    Good luck to all
  2. by   embarrasingfield
    I already answered a post similar to this one but I'd forgotten about another nurse I worked with in VA.

    She was treated horribly by the Board of Nursing there. The judgement is pretty harsh. Honestly I don't think she is an alcoholic. Maybe she is, I don't feel its my business. Anyhow, she's one of those who blew a .08 twice within seven years, so she's now a repeat offender. The Nursing Board told her they knew she'd get another DUI, and accused her of dealing drugs! She decided to go to a Rehab to address if she did have a serious problem. After that, the Nursing Board suspended her license for three months. They would not accept any of her Rehab. They had other things they wanted her to do including very costly therapy and drug testing, all while she couldn't even work to pay for any of that. They wouldn't accept the drug screens she had to do as sentencing.

    She opted to not return to Nursing. Its things like this, and others unrelated to substance use, that cause me to choose the screen name that I have.

    There isn't much professionalism in Nursing, no matter how high one's degree. I can't imagine a physician, physical therapist, etc etc screaming to each other about losing their license the way Sooo many nurses do. Embarrasing.
  3. by   embarrasingfield
    The state I am in (I guess I'm not supposed to say where) treats nurses like criminals, they are guilty even if proven innocent.

    Of course, disciplining etc. is posted on the websites, but they take it further, with very detailed statements that are written to make the accused look bad. I've read some really ridiculous ones on there, not just alcohol/drug related. One guy had his pulled for 6 months for something very very minor where the Nursing Board took a CNA's word and judgement over his. At the end of the six months, they actually sent him a condescending congratulations letter!

    I don't understand the huge heads that grow on the Nursing Board Staffs. It is a Witch Hunt Society. :bowingpur