recovering new LPN looking for some advice

  1. So, I have recently obtained my LPN and on the job hunt. I have been having a hard time finding a job. And I'm pretty sure I know part of the reason. I am a recovered alcoholic and as you can imagine when I was in my drinking like a fish days I damaged alot of relationships with everyone including previous employers. No call no shows, stuff like that. Never showing up drunk or anything like that. But pretty much just not showing up for work and never going back! (all CNA positions). Now that all that is in the past and I am recovered and trying take steps forward to better my life even getting an LPN position, I am stuck. I lack proffessional references due to the damage I have done in the past. So, when I am on an interview, should I be honest right fromt the start and tell them I am a recovered alcoholic but am 100% better now and thats why you shouldnt call my previous employers because they probably wouldnt have anything good to say? haha well not in those words but you get the point. Anyway, I need some advice from nurses out there please! I've been hoping and praying everyday to land something. Starting to feel discouraged
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  3. by   mary10
    I wouldn't give up a substance abuse history in any interview....nothing good will come of this. In this world of "human resources" experts, they will see it as a company liability to hire a nurse who is also a recovering alcoholic and immediately give you some nonsense about "we'll keep you in our files for future reference". Don't forget that the job market is very difficult for all nurses right now. I'm wondering if it's even helpful to give your CNA experience in your work experience if you cannot give references....maybe just starting as a fresh new grad without baggage is a better place to be in this market....even with that, it will take quite a while. Good luck in your sobriety and please find patience.
  4. by   mary10
    And congratulations on obtaining your license!