One down, two to go...

  1. I just submitted my first months worth of reports. So far, so good. Two more to go before I can apply for reinstatement. Wow.

    That is a day I thought would never come. I'm completely amazed, in awe, and profoundly grateful to be given a second chance.

    Not too long ago I thought I was destined for the scrap heap. I wasn't even considering returning until a few years ago, but here I am...A bit older, a lot wiser, and less cavalier about the value of protecting my license and taking care of myself.

    Thank you all for patiently listening to me and being a part of my rise from the ashes
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  3. by   CryssyD
    Awesome--it's almost over! 2 months is nothing--it's going to be over before you know it. Congratulations on getting this far and sticking it out, because you are so worth it!