Nurses are people too

  1. I have been in recovery for many years and have made some observations. I attend a nurse recovery group and a group where I am the only nurse and the rest are physicians. There are many physician support groups in my area but only one nurse group and I am in a large metropolitan area with 14 hospitals within 15 miles of me. Physicians are much more tolerant and supportive of each other than the nurses. The doc's are very active in helping one another with employment, privileges and aren't so damn judgemental of one another. The nurses I have encountered are so ****** and enjoy seeing other nurses fail and then they can't wait to share your business with others. Why is this so?....I think alot of it has to do with most nurses being female and most docs being male. I despise the nurse who thinks she/he is superior and can't wait for you to turn your back to stick the knife in. I realize this is my perception and there are exceptions but it has been my reality. I do have some great, supportive nurse friends but they are a minority. They understand that I am a person who happens to be a nurse. They don't hold me to superior standards because I am a nurse. Get over yourselves and realize that the nurse tech and dietary worker are just as important as you!
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  3. by   catmom1
    I attended a "caduceus" group for several years. There were very few nurses, mostly pharmacists and physicians. The very few nurses who were there were catty and cliquey.

    I never got help to get a job from any of them and I got sick of hearing how well the docs and pharmacists were doing in their jobs after having worse transgressions than mine.

    One of the reasons there were so few nurses was the shame that this particular profession piles on the Addict, I believe.

    You touched a nerve with me, for sure, with this one, peachfuzz!