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  1. Hi I am kinda new to this sight and am glad I stumbled upon it. Any way here goes my story an abridged version. I am 44 and am a recovering alcoholic I received a DUI in March after crashing my car Thank God noone was with me or injured. I checked myself into rehab inpatient then outpatient immediately after that accident. I completed AA 90/9O sponsor now ect. I have been sober 6 months. I had quit my job back in March after the accident and then I lost custody of my kids secondary to drinking my ex went to court and got custody. Life has been hard but manageable since being sober. I recently went back to work as nurse in a home health agency where I will be working in a facilty only {assisted living}. Today came my contract with Pennsylvania Peer Assistance. Ugh I cant stop crying. Is this fair? 6 month narcotic restriction, 90/90 I already did that back in June, peer nurses group despite the fact the counselor sais that was not necessary. I am a Nurse Practitioner no prescribing narcs and have a physician available on site for supervision. Well there goes my NP career. How does this group with these restrictions help? I dont mind the urine tests, monthly evals ect but the other restrictions Im not sure I can do it. Is anyone else in a dilemma like this? Where can you work with these stipulations.? How can they charge all this money for this stuff? Im soooo upset and really have paid a high price already for my past. Ugh and I dont drive due to the DUI. LIFE ON PNAPS terms
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  3. by   TXRN2
    unfortunately- welcome to our world!! yes, it's many things- difficult, annoying, expensive, down right ridiculous...but it's what we have gotten ourselves in to & what we must do. i was lucky to find a job in dialysis that accomodated the restrictions. no narcs around- so it didn't matter. even so, it was challenging. many others have not been able to find a job in nursing- & that makes things really difficult. you must place your sobriety & recovery first- & do the rest one step at a time- no pun intended. it's doable. might take some creative thinking- you might not be able to work as a NP- think outside the box. hang in there- focus first & foremost on your recovery. good luck!!
  4. by   backtowork
    I agree with TXRN2..I am certainly not an NP but i am an RN looking to focus on the job search for a LVN position to meet my stips of needing to be supervised by an RN and The advise I have received is to steer away from hospitals as they don't want to deal with stips. Maybe you could look at RN positions? or LVN positions with me? I have a huge respect for LVNs and the job they do..most of my skills were learned from well seasoned LVNs. To me a nurse is a nurse..regardless of degree or title..It breaks my heart to hear what you have been through. You must be a very strong woman to bear up and keep going. That gives me hope. Thank you for sharing.
  5. by   jmo1231
    Thanks back to work and TXRN2 I am looking at RN jobs as well and certainly would take a non NP position. Its sooo hard with these stipulations and I know you guys are correct that we have to accept it and keep going.. Yes I have respect for all nurses weather it CNAS, LPNS,RNS NPS .Everyone has his/her experience and special assests to deliver to patients. Thanks for your advice good luck to you guys . Ill be updating as we go along on this journey. Cat mom thanks for the link