medical coding for revoked lpn license?

  1. Hello Everyone, Im new to this forum..i have a very important question. My LPN license was revoked 13 years ago..went through rehab and have 13 years sober by the grace of god. I wouldnt want to return to nursing (would not want to ever put myself in dangerous territory) but would love to get into medical coding and billing. My question is: CAN I GET EMPLOYMENT AS A MEDICAL CODER/BILLER WITH A PREVIOUS REVOKED LVN LICENSE? (license is still revoked) I have heard different information on this. Ive heard you cant work with any facility involving medical or medicaid. Ive also heard its not a problem as long as you are not on some sort of list with the state.
    PLEASE any information on this would be greatly appreciated! Also what types of medical careers are available to LPNs with revoked licenses? Interested in others who have had this situation happen to them. Thank you to everyone...and hang in there..
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  3. by   Omaapecm
    It may different from state to state. It is best to just call the state Board and ask. I would love to know the answer to this myself.
  4. by   Twoyearnurse
    You want to check the OIG exclusions list (google it- you'll find it). Then enter your name and see if you are on it. If you are on this list you can not work anywhere that bills Medicaid/Medicare.

    If you are on it there is a process by which you can appeal to get taken off of it. If your name is not on it then I say go for the job!

    In my state (Alaska) we can work at any job that doesn't utilize our nursing license and the board has no jurisdiction. So, for instance, I just checked with them to ensure I can apply to a public health job with my state that doesn't use my license. What it does do is STI testing and investigation, ect ect. So I checked with them to ensure I wouldn't be stepping on toes by applying. I got a "go ahead and good luck!" (In a very genuine way- my monitor is pretty fabulous).

    So I'll pass on the same- go ahead and good luck!
  5. by   andreasmom02
    I can't answer that question, but I'm a licensed LPN. I became an LPN in '07. I don't like floor nursing and want a desk job. I am currently becoming a medical coder. I'm so glad I decided to try this career change. I love my online classes so far! I hope I can find a job at it in the future. Good luck to you!