LPN New grad sober going to AA past 2 yrs.

  1. What happens when a new grad LPN applies for NCLEX and answers yes to have abused ETOH in past 5 yrs. Has been sober and going to AA for 2 years now. Will this affect her employment at a nursing home? Is a scholarship student and already has a job promised to her. Should she tell her employer about her past?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    This is something that will be decided individually by the BON. Congrats on the 2 years sober
  4. by   jlizz69
    I figured that was the answer. It really is a question about a friend. I know that sounds funny. I actually have been a registered nurse for 18 years and sober for 12 years. I did not know the new rules. It really stinks to have to go through all that treatment stuff and urine tests when one has been sober awhile, but the BON has no way of knowing that is the truth, so I can see their point. My friend decided she had to tell the truth although some people told her not to. The consequences of our actions while drinking can come bite us in the butt even years later!
  5. by   FLSmitty
    If you have been in recovery for any amount of time, you can certainly appreciate the importance of being honest. Each state differs widely in how they manage previous discipline, law infractions and substance abuse as each may relate to new applicants. Of great help will be any documentation you may have to support your claim of sobriety (treatment records, drug screens, etc.).

    In Florida, your completed application would go to the BON Credentials Committee, which could order an IPN (Florida's monitoring program) evaluation before licensing, if you aren't in possession of treatment documentation. I am the proud holder of a 5yr monitoring contract for that very reason. If you are sober, it's no big deal.

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  6. by   jlizz69
    yep...consequences of our actions sometimes bite. But she did call the Board of Nursing and her employer and now has a list of things she has to do but she feels better knowing what she needs to do about it. I have learned over the years it is much easier to tell the truth than to lie and try to remember what the lie was!