Licensed in florida with previous DUI. Will I be able to get a job?

  1. I am currently an RN in Ohio and have been for 2 1/2 years. I applied to the Florida Board of Nursing and supplied documentation from old duis. They granted my license and I received it relatively quickly. I am looking to start a traveling nursing career and have been told that 2 of the hospitals would not accept my application because of my criminal history. No felonies but 3 duis: 1999,2000, and 2005. I went to nursing school in 2008, got my nursing license, went on to receive my Bachelor of science in nursing and have worked in 2 hospitals and a local agency with no problem. I currently continue to work all three jobs. 2 are prn and the other is in the MICU. Does anyone have any information on whether or not I will be able to get a position in Florida?
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  3. by   somenurse
    I don't know, but, it's worth a try. I have corresponding with a pal on Florida, about my concern i wont' be able to get work in FL as ADN nurse, but, he said his friend is ADN nurse with a DUI, and she is working.

    good luck! don't give up!