Just starting assistance program, question!?

  1. Hello all, I'm just starting today my states professional assistance program, but I have a question. I currently do not have health insurance because I'm pool. It doesn't look like I'll be doing inpatient treatment, but I'm worried about the cost of outpatient treatment.
    I was wondering if anybody else had the same situation and could reccomend what to do? Or if anyone could reccomend an insurance that actually covers substance abuse treatment?
    Again I'm just starting the professional assistance program, so am very anxious, thanks for any help!
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  3. by   lifeistweet
    Purple peonies, Our program is cash up front for everything. I'm one of the lucky ones whose insurance covers my addictionist visits, $75/mo. I have to pay first and submit for reimbursement later. Urine screens start at once sometimes twice a week at $50/drop for the first year, group therapy is $50/week for two years and then monthly for the third year. Just take it one day at a time and it will get easier. Recovery is number one. It was soooo overwhelming when I started now after 21 months it's pretty much routine. All this and no job for me!! I'm broke but I'm sober and believe it or not life is better. ODAAT, jen :heartbeat
  4. by   purple_peonies
    Thanks for the info! Like I said I'm just starting out, and the whole program is a little confusing... I've been clean for 3 mos now, though i'm just now starting the assistance program. I guess either way it's a small price to pay for being able to get another chance, and I'm grateful my state even has an assistance program...
  5. by   lifeistweet
    purple peonies (love the name), Make sure you keep copies of everything mailed to you and that you mail to your program. Our program is VERY disorganized and info is lost left and right. I learned the hard way. Now I have a computer file that I scan everything r/t my contract into. Each month I scan my paperwork into the file before I mail it. I even put the lab on my family and friends and use my cell to call each day so I have a record of each call. :redpinkhe
  6. by   sissiesmama
    lifeisweet - I did the same thing as far as the family and friends and that helping to keep track. I live in Louisiana and our state has to be the WORST in not losing everything we sent them. I finished our program thankfully, but it was a constant battle with boards losing things.

    Purple - good luck to you in starting the program. When I got caught and entered our state's program, I was fired from my job and at that time, I of course lost my health insurance. I couldn't afford to pay out of pocket for inpt rehab so I decided to go to our state's rehab facility. I was NOT very happy about the idea, but it was really a blessing in disquise.

    Anne, RNC