Job interview in 12 hours! hELP!

  1. I've been a nurse for 7 years. I have been at my current job 3 years and love it. I have only made 1 med error in 3 years (gave 100mg of modafinil instead of 200mg.. We manually sign out our drugs and the narcotic sheet which is pre printed said we had 200mg tablets on hand. Therefore I grabbed one. So I feel that error was an environmental error bc the sheet saying what's in stock was wrong. (But I should've read the dose on the pill). I've never had any sentinel events. EVER. I'm
    On the code team. I fill In supervisor when they are short. I've never been suspected of being impaired.
    I am married with a family.
    I've been
    Taking adderall lexaproand xanax for 9 years. Before I met my doc and he put me on regimen I was a party girl moving from house to house with whatever guy I was with. I moved home went to a professional. Since starting my meds I became a CNA, CMA,LVN ( graduated 2nd in my class), RN, and BSN with a 3.89 now applying to grad school.

    Every job I've ever had I stopped my meds a week before the drug test out of embarrassment. I hate appearing weak. I know the stigma behind xanax. But I'm on a low dose and it really helps me.

    I have a job interview tomorrow. I did not stop taking my meds this time. I just read on the BON website that if any nurse has a positive urine screen even with a prescription they are reported to the board and not hired.

    Is this true?

    I can't get an answer!!!!!!
    ***** I am NOT asking for medical advice!!!******* I'm asking for nurses to share their hospital policies and knowledge"""""
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  3. by   Postpartum RN
    It seems people are posting different things here. I am not sure what the rules are, but I think it would just depend on the hospitals policy. I'm not sure what my hospitals policy is since I wasn't worried about not passing the drug screen.
    I was told by someone though that as long as you have prescriptions for whatever they find in your urine, it is considered a "pass" and that is all the manager or HR will ever see, they do not get the details of the drug screen.
    Good luck on your interview. I don't even know what to suggest really..if your able to this time then stop taking the meds for as long as is needed for the drug test to make sure it's a clean pass? If you are that worried about it then that's what I would do.
  4. by   Ozymandia
    You are right. My fear is that I will think I've gone long enough without taking them to pass. Show up, not disclose the prescriptions and pee dirty.
  5. by   Postpartum RN
    Maybe do some research on how long it takes for your specific meds to completely be removed from your system, that way you will have a range. I have read other posters comments that say if they find something in your urine they will call you, and then you can provide the prescriptions
  6. by   Ozymandia
    Thank you so much
  7. by   Postpartum RN
    Hi OP how did things go?