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I am livid!

  1. My goddaughter is getting married at a Caribbean resort in the near future. I am so excited for her future and more excited she asked me to be her matron of honor but guess who has ruined our plans. You guessed it...the BNE!
    I am no longer allowed to leave the country as I have two times before since starting my sentence.
    All of my immediate family and seven extended family members are attending to celebrate and have a reunion.
    I will not be attending. I am a piece of trash and must be reminded and put in my sub-human place.
    Doesn't matter I have not encountered any bumps on my road through hell, never missed a deadline or failed to call in or pass a test.
    Again reminded my mistakes have landed me on Purgatory Row.
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  3. by   harleedog
    OMG!!! What is the reasoning behind it??? If you have done it before and you have been squeaky clean it should not be an issue!
  4. by   Recovering_RN
    That's ridiculous. In TPAPN I was allowed to go to Puerto Rico to help with the hurricane, with the assumption that I wouldn't be able to test and wouldn't even be able to call to check in! I was amazed that they agreed but they did (I didn't end up going, but I was approved to go by tpapn). And many people have been allowed out of country trips and cruises! WTH?
  5. by   zoeintx
    I requested my vacation through Recovery Trek and it was DENIED. I called the BNE and was told they no longer approve out of the country requests. They approved my last two Cancun trips so I don't know WTF is going on. Guess they gotta give one last turn of the knife before my agreement with them is up.
  6. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    What complete BS. I'm sorry another example of control freak garbage that has zero to do with patient safety or "recovery" in any way
  7. by   HoldenC
    I am floored at their policy change and so sorry that you are dealing with that. It is ridiculous and wrong. If you feel comfortable answering what program are you in? Just curious. And You do not deserve to be made to feel like trash. You are worth so much and are doing the all right things. My only thought is contact your case manager and contact your testing coordinator (affinity, recoverytrek, first lab ect.) request testing sites in that location. I've heard and know it's been done before outside of the US. If they are kind they won't select you for testing - just checking in