HELP...trying to get my licence back after 9 years

  1. Hello to all my fellow nurses...
    I have not been here for a can take some interesting turns...
    Anyway, I was contemplating last year to attempt to regain my RN licence..
    But only now, through a set of circumstances, I had contacted an attorney to ask some questions and to try to take one itzy...bitzy step at the

    I am laughing, but in actuality, I am scared to death, and question at every step, if its even worth it.
    But I have an itch for a while to do that, and here I am....

    Now, I contacted the lawyer today, and one of the things that she had told me, which I kinda knew, is that is imperative that I proof that I've been sober for all this years....
    But, besides my sponsor, how can I do that?

    Is anybody here that have been in the same situation?
    Oh, my backround....I'm an RN, diverted from work, got in IPN, relapsed and decided that I don't want nothing to do with nursing after that...
    I've been clean since July 31, 2001...

    Also, I need help finding a nursing group here in South Florida...if anybody knows one that might be willing to take me in, I will be eternally grateful!!!!

    I want to say hello also to my friend Smitty...hello buddy!!!
    So, please, if you have any suggestions, kind words , been there, I can use some encouragement...!!!

    God bless you all...
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  3. by   SWS RN

    Welcome back!

    Have you called the IPN again? If you did not complete the 5 year program back then, I am certain that the FL BON will require at least an evaluation.

    I just attended the June FBON meeting in June. THere were a number of people going for license reinstatment. Most of them got it, however, they were all referred to IPN if they hadn't completed the contract.

    THe FBON really likes it if you self report, shows commitment on your part.
    So that's just a thought. The MD addictionologist should be able to help you with the proof of your sobriety in reporting it back to the board.

    I live in Palm Beach County, I can intro you to a Nurse Support Group and my IPN weekly facilitator is awesome. She is also the clinical director of a facility and has many resources.
    PM me and I will get you in touch with my facilitator.
    Good luck, we are all in the same boat.
  4. by   jackstem

    You were wise to consult with an attorney. If they have experience with licensure issues, they should be able to guide you through the process.

    How to prove you've been clean all these years? Since you have no lab results or documentation over the years, your sponsor, family, and any counselors you've seen during this time may be the only resources you have. You might want to contact the IPN, the Florida Nurses Association, and Florida's IPN for input.

    Florida IPN - IPN: Intervention Project for Nurses Florida
    Florida Nurses Association - Florida Nurses Association
    Florida Board of Nursing - Board Overview - Florida Board of Nursing - Board Overview

    Good Luck!

  5. by   SWS RN
    Great minds thinking alike, Jack-see the above post
  6. by   jackstem
    And so do "sick" ones!!!

  7. by   ariel7777
    Thanks guys for the valuable info.
    One of the things that the attorney had asked me is if I am willing to get a contract.
    I reply that I am. I was ready for that because when I had contacted IPN last october, they told me that I have to.
    But here is the catch: IPN told me that they will give me a contract if the boards are willing to give me the licence. The boards told me that they give me the licence if IPN is willing to give me a contract.....

    See the craziness?

    Here is where the lawyer steps in.....She told me that she will intervene to get them both (Board and IPN) in agreement...
    Is a good thing....but, it will cost an arm and a
    I kinda running out of arms and

    Thank you so much for the offer with the group in WPB. I am willing to come if I don't find any down here...I am in Hollywood, work in Cutler Bay (close to Homestead), and I wotk split shift sometimes....4 hours in am, 4hours in pm. (teaching vocational school). In between, I must stay there during the day due to the distance (45 miles one way).
    So, there goes my day...
    I am in process of revising my schedule, not a spring chicken any longer to work all those crazy
    But I need the money...

    What would be the best way to give you my email and phone # that it would not be so public?

    Let me know...
    You guys are awesome...!!
    Thank you again
    God bless

    PS. The lawyer had told me also that they are a lot of nurses that go in front of the boards after many years and demand a licence without going through the hoops of IPN. She said that the Board had reject them in this case.
    She also said that tone of voice and a lot of humility willtake you a long way....
    I write this just in case someone can use it if they are getting ready to face the Board.
    Much love
  8. by   SWS RN

    I may be wrong, but I think there may be some miscommunication on the part of the BON and the IPN. I just attended the June Hearing in Jacksonville on the 10th. THere were a lot of nurses there asking for reinstatement, the ones that had not self reported to the IPN were directed to the IPN by the BON. THis was done over and over again.

    Private message me with your email and phone if you wish....I can not type all that I want to tell you. I dont know your particular case, but based on what I saw,I think you have a good chance of reinstatement if you are ready willing and able to cooperate.

    THe Florida Board is one of the toughest, but I saw many success stories. Several people had arrest records.

    THe down side is you may have some trouble getting a job being in the IPN...I did ok, but I am not doing bedside, I am doing case management, not too crazy about it, but that could be where I am working.

    I will give you the name of a contact person at the IPN who may be able to answer your questions. She is the liasion for the Board and IPN.

    Please, Please, Please make sure your attorney has a lot of experience in administrative law and has brought cases before the Florida Board. It was very easy to spot the ones who did not, and the Board ate them for lunch. I actuallly believe the attorneys were a hinderance in those cases.

    The BON meets quarterly so the next one should be in Sept. THey may be able to hear you if you start the ball rolling now.

    Good Luck, I hope to hear from you.
  9. by   jackstem
    The American Association of Nurse Attorneys
    Referral Hotline: 866-807-7133

    Good Luck! Keep us posted!

  10. by   ariel7777
    To SWS RN:

    For some reason, I cannot pm you.

    God bless
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    Check your email Ariel.

  13. by   ariel7777
    Got the message...
    Thank you
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    Got the message...
    Thank you
    Excellent! Look forward to more discussions!