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Hey guys- I need advice and prayers! I got a call from my boss telling me I've been "red flagged" as taking out more narcotics than average for the past 2 months. He told me I cannot come back to... Read More

  1. by   she71
    It's terrible this is happening to you. Was it just the amount of meds pulled or are there questions about documenting the use,time,effects, etc. whatever your facility is requiring you to document? Are you currently recovering from any addiction that may cause management "uneducated" suspicion? I know an administrator of a snf that used to call people who were flagging nurses due to their past addiction issues "uneducated ". She actually taught recoverey to others in administrative and supervising positions that this may not happen to her nurses. It seems like it could be similar in your case? I wonder why no drug testing for you. Why not give you the opportunity to prove your honor and correct your error? I'm sorry for you. You must be feeling overwhelmed right now and probably a little angry too. Good Luck and Good Health. Will be thinking of you. Update Us Soon.
  2. by   Biggirl71
    First things first. Arizona is a "right-to-work state." This means that an employer can fire you for any reason and without union protection, you are at their mercy. If there is an Accudose or Pyxis machine dispensing the drugs, they can run a report to see the exact number of narcotics you pulled including all of your overrides. They may not accuse you of actually consuming the drugs but they can accuse you of diversion. So in essence they don't have to prove that you actually are physically taking for yourself, they can accuse you of taking them for whatever reason, "diversion."

    I would hold off on any action until I hear the outcome of the facilities' investigation. Once you get that answer, my advice is to take a drug screen ASAP through a reputable lab and keep your documentation from that. Then, hire an attorney that specializes in professionals with a license. Yes, they are expensive but if it means saving your livelihood then it's worth every penny.

    I would also research on the Arizona State Board of Nursing the CANDO program. Read everything you can find and get yourself ready to participate. The fact is, your employer already suspects you of wrong-doing and they will probably refer you to this program. These programs, offered to nurses in 25 states, are expensive and arduous but participating in them will save your license. Read, read, read. . .education is freedom!

    I know you are freaking out and you have a terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach but arming yourself with information is the way out of this. All nurses need to be aware that handling narcotics is serious and watched very closely. Even if you are not guilty of what they're accusing you of, it would be irresponsible for the hospital to ignore the issue. What if you are guilty and they just ignored it, if a mistake occurs while a patient is in your care, the patient could sue the hospital and win because they were aware of a "potential problem" that they failed to address.

    Please let us know what happens. I am thinking about you!
  3. by   wrongwaydianne
    Abigail, It does sound bad, but speak to an attorney just for peace of mind. See if you can get a free consult one because you're not working and I will pray for you, it sounds like your being railroaded by someone out to get you. Speak to an AZ nurse/JD Good luck, Dianne
  4. by   docnurse363
    Administrative law is very different and you should not talk to anyone without talking with a lawyer. They can fire you for any reason they want if you are in an "at will'' state. If they turn you into the board do not go to any meeting without a lawyer. They will assume your quilty with or without one.
  5. by   dance4life
    This is interesting as it is happening to me. I wonder the result since this was two years ago.

    I do have Insurance and I do have an attorney. That is the best advice I have read for this situation.

    Myself. I am scared everything I have worked for will go down the toilet due to my mistakes. This particular hospital has a computerized medication dispenser but they have no way to scan the medication (they were implementing it); so if you document it wrong then forget it.
  6. by   Devildog
    Hope everything works out in your favor, keep your head up.
    My only comment is that if you made a mistake then it was a mistake. If the situation goes to the BON.
    Please make sure you are not refered to any federal agency such as HHS and your name appears on the exclusion list.
    Most administrative lawyers know about this but do not know how to deal with it. You and your lawyer can negociate
    This. The exclusion list is your worst nightmare and will follow you forever, the minimum amount of time is 5 years.Every employer is REQUIRED to check the list. You cannot be hired anywhere there is your nursing profession, such as you cannot work in any department in any hospital, very draconian.
    Protect your future and be proactive.
    Let me know what happens or if you need more help
    Take care
  7. by   dance4life
    Thanks for your advice. I will keep that in mind when I talk to the attorney again. The insurance company referred so they better know something! Goodness grief.
  8. by   Dmrynn
    Ok. Maybe you guys can help me as well. I had the same thing happen where I got red flagged, but unfortunately, I failed my drug test which they had to report to Arizona State Board of Nursing. I am unsure if an investigation has begun yet, but I believe once an investigation has begun you cannot do the CANDO program? Does anyone know anything about this?! I'm freaking out and cannot get a hold of anyone at the board of nursing.