Dilute urine?

  1. This may be a stupid question but I've always been paranoid of a dilute sample. I didn't drink too much today but I peed once not thinking then again at the drug test about 45 minutes later. It was a very light yellow but the lab guy said it didn't look dilute and if it was then it was only borderline. Anyone have any experience with dilutes? What did yours look like and how much did you drink?
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  3. by   catsmeow1972
    I've only ever had one fairly light one and it did not register as dilute, but I go first thing in the morning even if i have to do a pee pee dance until they open. I will be danged if these idiots get me on that one. I try to drag my self to the gym and i know i should drink more water than i do, but this is one of the things i live in fear of.
    As I've aged a bit (or the stress, not sure which, ha ha) I've developed a slight BP problem. When my doc switched my BP med to one with a diuretic in it, i told the CM because i was not going to start the dilute BS. Do you know they had the cojones to tell me that i should take it AFTER i go for the P test?? Erm...I'm thinking like you people do not get to tell me when to take the medication prescribed to me by my doctor. Y'all can KMA on that one. Thus far, it hasn't been an issue but that's not the point. i hate this .