Can't check into spectrum

  1. It keeps saying fatal error. I have to go to work and dont have time to look for the phone number and my long number that has to be entered.
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  3. by   Kel65
    Yep, you couldn't call to check in either. The site kept saying leave a message they open at 6:30. Funny how we are required to check in but this is the third time I found that the website has been down.
  4. by   Recovering_RN
    Yes I had trouble too. I tried on my iPhone app, the iPad app, and the website. All had errors. I also called but you can't do anything before 6:30 am. I eventually got through about an hour later on my iPhone app, and I had to test! I figure they had system problems (maybe they were hacked like equifax) and lost all their data so they had to had everyone test. Jk, I actually haven't tested in 6 weeks so I was definitely due! But this is such an added stress that I seriously don't need. I have a moment every single freaking morning when I wake up and panic, thinking I've forgotten to check in, and then I realize I have plenty of time. I actually wake up quite often, maybe 75-80% of the time, around 4:00 am, with the thought that I need to check in, so I do, then I roll over and go back to sleep. I cannot wait until I can just sleep until morning without stressing over checking in!!
  5. by   Kel65
    The entire site crashed, usually you can call in at 4 but even that was down. They didn't drug test everyone. I I tested the day before and didn't get pulled to test the day of the crash.