Blood test with affinity

  1. What kind of blood test with affinity/lab core would cost 75.48?? Peth? Does anyone know
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  3. by   Kel65
    My Peth was 125.00 and then 30 for the lab draw.
  4. by   FreedomalRN
    Who knows what option 12 is then, it's blood and cost $75.48. Who knows but thanks for your help
  5. by   FreedomalRN
    I test with affinity now. It was option 12, blood that cost $75.48!
  6. by   Kel65
    Wow never heard of anyone pulling that one. If you pull a path with affinity it will say special testing Peth1
  7. by   RNADD
    Did you ever find out what the test was?!? The EXACT same $75.48 blood test "option 12" came up for me this past week. No word yet on mine.
  8. by   FreedomalRN
    I am almost positive it is the peth test, only testing for alcohol!
  9. by   pinky88
    How do you know it is Peth? Wouldn't it be more costly?
  10. by   FreedomalRN
    I am pretty sure it's a peth. With first lab the peth was $90 and I do know affinity the every test averages about $15 less. I don't really want to say on here how I know, but I am almost certain it's a peth.
  11. by   RNMOM1213
    My blood was $109 this month. I had 3 urines and a blood in 3 weeks. I am financially dying this month because of the increase testing.
  12. by   FreedomalRN
    I know what you mean!! I have had option 1 and 5, also the option 12 which is bloodthat is 75.48. I had a stomach virus the week I was selected for blood and extremely dehydrated, they had to stick me five times for the blood sample. I totally agree with needing to be monitored while under contract but this seems to b over kill!! I feel your pain
  13. by   FreedomalRN
    Other than option 1, 5 (urine), and the option 12 that is blood what options have you guys had and what has the cost been?? Just so I won't be shocked when it happens lol
  14. by   This2shallpass
    I mostly do option 2 and 6 which are both 52 and option 8 which is 78. I did have a blood test once which was over 100 dollars.