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OK, hope I'm doing this right. Now that I have some clean time, I am considering getting my nursing license back. I have no idea how to go about this. I "failed" IPN (FL) in 2002, :dance:-that was... Read More

  1. by   gr8fulnrs
    wow, that sounds like one big convulated mess. Thankyou for sharing your story because it just minmized my problems. My suggestions is to remain being compliant with the monitoring dept. as they hold your "life" in their hands. Remain true to yourself. If you didnt divert the pills then remain true to that. If you know in your heart you are a good nurse remain true to that, all the other drama will dissolve itself.
  2. by   bogus
    does any one know the address of the oig office in ma. and what forms i have to fillout so my exclusion can be lifted. any info will be greatly appreciated. i have my rn license in ct ma and ny. thanks beverly also post19 was helpful
  3. by   gr8fulnrs
    my BON in Az. gave me OIG website: where i went to request the necessary reinstatement forms be sent to me. it is an approx. 8 page document that must be filled out by you, notarized and mailed back to them. total time it took me to hear back from them was apprx. 2 weeks. the form is realitively easy to fill out but a little stressful of course, as it is necesssary to get off this exclusion list to move foward ( get a job). i got reinstated with the OIG, now up against the fingerprinting board and slowly moving throught that process. never knew i would be going through so much to go back to work as a nurse. God has definately blessed me that I have gotten this far, one day at a time. Hope this helps and good luck, I know you can do it, because i did it-proof that you too can get reinstated.
  4. by   bogus
    post 28 thanks for the info and good luck in your endeavors..... beverly
  5. by   ufreeyamind
    does any one know if one can get a license from another state if the license is revoked in another state? if so how do one go about it?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from ufreeyamind
    does any one know if one can get a license from another state if the license is revoked in another state? if so how do one go about it?
    You will need to declare to the new state as it will ask. Then will they make their own decision based on what information you have submitted
  7. by   bogus
    you can not get your license ..say in ct if your license is revoked in ma.
  8. by   foraneman
    Your prospects for getting a license in state A while you have a license revoked in state B are slim to none....and closer to none.
  9. by   ufreeyamind
    i had a nursing business 2001 doj closed the business. and found me guilty of 4 felonies. i was on probation for 4 years and had met all the requirement before my license was revoked by the BON for none response of the letters they claim they sent me. the nursing board said i can reply for reinstatment in april of next year. what do i do and how do i go about doing it?. what forms do i need? I have been on walfare for almost 3 years now. i just sit at home get $682 cash and $425 in food stamps, free medical and my rent for a 4 bed room $127. even though when i was working i barely had $100 left after paying all my bills i still wana go back to work. i love being a nurse. and i want to further my education. a felony conviction don't stop one from having free money it stops one from working what a wonderful country.
  10. by   foraneman
    You simply send a letter to the board requesting reinstatement. List all of the facts that lead up to the revocation (including the felonies), the order for revocation and provision for reinstatement after one year, and all of the things you have done to pay your debt to society (probation etc.). Be honest and contrite. They may schedule a hearing or rule without one.
  11. by   ufreeyamind
    thanks and God bless.
  12. by   exlabor
    the nursing board told my wife that she would have to go through the process of getting her license back in order to get off the exclusion list, even though she is going back to college to be a dental hygenist, this does not make sense to me. does anyone know if this is correct?????
  13. by   gr8fulnrs
    what i do know is this - (my experience) After i got my nursing license reinstated i did get off the OIG list. My Nursing Board gave me the web address to request the forms online, which I did, and in a matter of a few weeks I got a letter in the mail stating I was off the list. What I also do know is - do not accept the answer your wife got from her state board as the truth regarding what they told her she would have to do, go one step further and get your own "version of the truth" from the source (OIG people), as how she can get off exclusion list. from my experience once I opened up a line of communication with the OIG people they were very helpful and had my best interest.