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OK, hope I'm doing this right. Now that I have some clean time, I am considering getting my nursing license back. I have no idea how to go about this. I "failed" IPN (FL) in 2002, :dance:-that was... Read More

  1. by   Devildog
    I would try to find any original paperwork. Also look yourself up in the OIG list to see if you are eligible
    to be reinstated. This is done by YEARS(ie the minimum is 5 years and possibly 10 years is the longest) not whether or not you have your license back. Have you surpassed the original length of time of the penalty.
    IF you voluntarily surrendered your license you could probably be reinstated and put into a PRN program where you are monitored for drugs and alcohol use. you CAN work while in a PRN program and you can probably get off the list. THIS IS YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM and that is that you worked in a health care setting and should not have been there. Hopefully the hospital will take the fall not you, it was their resposibility NOT to hire you. The nursing state boards are normally supportive unless you have really upset them prior. Remember that any board members now were not there when you surrendered your license, which is VERY good for you. Do not talk in terms of triggers, if you say that to a state board or the OIG you will not go forward.The OIG will evaluate you in terms of ,WILL you repeat your behavior , You are taking everything a day at a time and you have a disease. The monitoring group will be very supportive and can help you a lot, their recommendation and a letter from will help getting off the OIG list. Just remember that doing all this will take time, alot of time, but it can be done.
    PM me if you would like
  2. by   debsinark2
    First of all..thanks so much for your reply....
    A few questions if you dont do I look myself up on the list??...
    I know I dont have any paperwork...My license were mailed to the board at the treatment center I was at in 2001...and what do you mean...that hopefully the hospital will take the fall...Will I get into legal trouble for working there??? If I had known about the list, I would have NEVER applied immediate supervisor...knew me when I was a nurse in the 70's...(thats ironic)...she didnt know about the list...
    Your help is truly appreciated...I would have pm'd you...but dont know how...
  3. by   Devildog
    Place OIG into your search engine, home page, exclusions, online search database, enter your last name,first name.
    You will not have legal problems but the OIG could bring this up. The hospital will probably self report and your name may be on the form. No one knew about this regulation until 7-8 yrs ago. It was not applied to all persons only selectively by the boards.
    Write your board and ask if you can reapply for reinstatement, fill out the form and send with a chack if they say ok. They will put you on the agenda for the reinstatement to be voted on. I am sure you can be reinstated but they will refer you to a monitoring group. This will include random urine drop, meetings etc. Read prior board meeting and gather all the info you can.
    The board may give your license back with strict condions.
    You must be able to answer the question of how have you change your life so the peoblem will never happen again..Such as going to NA or AA meeting, have a sponsor, see a psychiatrist. This is the question you must be able and prepared to answer with confidence. When you are in a monitoring group you must be drugs or alcohol or you will be reported very quickly and yes they will do hair samples which will tell a lot. You must be prepared to pay for all this yourself if refered. The facilitator will charge,urine drops cost, be prepared.
    Write back with your OIG results
  4. by   mckirob
    I agree that you should see an attorney before you reapply to make sure you have your ducks in a row. There is no reason to bring the attorney to the board meeting with you. I just had my RN license reinstated in FL. The board doesn't want to hear from your attorney. They want to hear from you.
  5. by   Devildog
    To debsinark2
    please let us know about further developments. Someone on this blog will have the right info. I went thru the OIG exclusion and would like you to benefit
    Write back