4 quick questions about starting with First Lab

  1. Hello old wise sages of the nursing recovery world :bowingpur!!! I am going to register with First Lab this week in compliance with my BON order..so please help if you can.

    1) After I register online with First Lab, how long does it usually take before I need to start checking in everyday. I am planning a weekend trip out of state to visit my kids and need to know if I should to allow time in the morning, before my flight, to possibly go and test before I leave.

    2) I understand that we need to call in Monday-Friday..No weekends..Is this correct? I will be leaving on a Friday and will return Monday morning to test if my color comes up. No need to call in on weekends,,correct?

    3) Why do I read "not to take Benadryl" on this forum. I use this for allergies occasionally..and am wondering why it would be a problem.

    4) Can you recommend a ETOH free hand soap and rub in hand sanitizer for me to take to work to use... all the products that the floor provides are ETOH based.

    Please help with any and all answers. I want to make sure I make it through this without any mishaps. Thank you wise recovery sages!! nurse::heartbeat
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  3. by   TXRN2
    backtowork: once you register with Firstlab- you start checking in right away- when you register, you should be informed of that at that time. i was told to check in via land line or computer- not a cell phone. and even though you won't get tested on the weekend, you still have to check in every day. meds- basically, don't take anything unless it's prescribed by your doctor- even then, you can download the med list from TPAPN website. some meds cause false positives, etc; others they think might lead to relapse. basically- you can't take much of anything except tylenol, ibuprofen- check the list before taking anything!! i found an alcohol-free hand sanitizer at HEB, but was told at work i could not carry or have my own product, so i used the ETOH based sanitizer- & we use it a lot- never had any problem there. only issue i ever had was a couple of dilute urines- that really freaked me out! best of luck- & welcome to the fun!!
  4. by   backtowork
    Thank you TX..as always..you are a bright beacon for me in this maze..I so much appreciate your help.
  5. by   luvche
    Um...we have to call everyday, 365/24/7. Yes.....we get chosen on weekends, too. I have not yet heard of any of my fellow nurses being tested on Sunday. But we have had some Saturdays. We didn't used to hear of anyone getting picked on any weekend until the lab that does the actual testing went from Labcore to CRL. But Firstlab is our administrator and always has been. They not only started testing on Saturdays...but I notice that if you forget to call now, you seem to get picked for testing 2 days later.(after your missed call)
  6. by   nowim clean
    It depends onyour state BON it will tell you in your contract that you signed. Im in NC and we only check first lad M-F, no sat or sun check in and our time is 5am -3pm. We do check in on holidays if they fall on a m-f. Of course if you have any questions call you monitoring coordinator at the BON. Good luck.
  7. by   backtowork
    Thank you both..The more I ask..the more I learn.
  8. by   iisonu
    Hello Backtowork,
    Like others have stated, after checking in, random testing usually starts right away! In LA, we test 7 days per week/365/yr! It's a good idea to check in as early as possible. If you are going out of town, check your list for testing sites. They're located everywhere!

    It would also be wise not to take any Benadryl, unless you can prove that it was prescribed by a bonified md. Again, as stated in a previous post, check your BON's list of approved medications. As for the ETOH free hand soap, our facilities provide all ETOH based soaps, but I have not had a problem with using them. Just ensure that when handling your specimen, you clear your hands free of any residue.

    Take care, and God bless!
  9. by   backtowork
    Thank you Lisonu..very helpful info..I will follow all advice to the letter..bless you and thank you again.
  10. by   pplextx
    I just received my initial RN license with the stipulation that I report to TPAPN because I was in rehab 4 years ago. I called them today, but they have not responded. What should I expect on my first call/visit. Will they test me at that time? If so, is it a urine, blood or hair test?

    I am sober, however, I had surgery in October and was under general anesthesia and prescribed Vicodin for the pain. I know this is a big no-no in the sober world, but Tylenol and Motrin just weren't cutting it. Should I admit that usage to TPAPN and if so, will it hurt me?

    That's weird about Benedryl. When I was in rehab they would give it to use to sleep, so I occasionally still use it. Should I be worried about that?
  11. by   backtowork
    Hi pplextx..I was never in Tpapn.. I deal only with the TX BON but there are a lot of good folks here who have been through Tpapn and I know they can answer your questions..
  12. by   learninglessons12

    I am currently in TPAPN. I guess the board is telling you to self report? I am not sure. I am currently in TPAPN but that was after I was referred by the board after a positive drug screen. If I could do everything over again, I would have gotten a lawyer who was well versed in TPAPN. No one one this site can give you legal advice and telling you how to proceed could be considered giving legal advice. The first time I talked to my case manager, she asked me about my drug use and then told me I would have to be evaluated. They usually send you some correspondence in the mail with a list of approved facilities where you can be assessed. I have found many lawyers who are former physicians, PA's and there was even 1 lawyer who was a former TPAPN advocate (after the fact). I don't think it would hurt for you to get some legal advice. I think TPAPN is great for those who need to start the recovery process. I don't know how I feel about someone who is in good recover and has been for several years going through the program. Good luck on this journey.
  13. by   izzysmom2003
    Does anyone know how to contact Firstlab to set up drug screens for license reinstatement? I used the Contact us form on their website and they have not replied...
  14. by   GA_RN2006
    Quote from izzysmom2003
    Does anyone know how to contact Firstlab to set up drug screens for license reinstatement? I used the Contact us form on their website and they have not replied...
    When I signed up I called the toll free number.

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