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I read in a local news paper that a high percentage of nurses have left the profession here in the uk to nurse in USA. They say its because the pay is better there than here. On looking at some of the past threads, this is true.

Hello USA i'm on my way :roll


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Yes it is true that the pay is MUCH better in the US than here in the UK..

I should know.. :-) Im a US born and trained RN who came here 4 and half years ago.. Took a HUGE pay cut to come and work and live here in Scotland..

There are things more important than money.. I love the quality of life here and the country and its people are fantastic.. I feel like my roots are here.. well acutally they are.. My gran was born here. LOL..

Anyways i do think the money is a BIG issue of why nurses are leaving the UK but the same kinds of problems exist in the US..

We thought we were poorly paid and the shortage of nurses and staffing is everywhere US included..

So really there is nowhere that is a bowl of cherries. I guess its just where ye want the pits to fly :-)..

Nursing in another country is a great opportunity as well..

Just my opinion.. now that i've been on boths sides of the fence.. or should i say pond? :-)


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