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Harvard School of Public Health is beginning a new nurses health study for nurses born after Jan 1, 1965. Information is at I encourage anyone interested to join. nhs2 questions take only about 45 min q2 years. Its easy. Some individual offshoots of the original study may take longer.

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I was an original participant in the first Harvard nurses health study. The nurses who have participated in the study have contributed invaluable information to the study and it takes very little time and there is no cost, ever.

I too, got my letter in the mail asking for my help in encouraging participation in the new nurses health study.

I urge all nurses who qualify for the study, to become a part of history and research. The information gathered is invaluable. Become part of history (well maybe that is going a little overboard, but , whatever, please consider being a part of the study):rolleyes:

For those of you thinking about it, I did it, and the survey took about 20 minutes to complete. It was very quick and easy to do.

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