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Hello from England :)

I hope you can help me with this dilema:

I am an English RN with four years experience working in acute medicine. I would like to emigrate to Canada and have been accepted by the AARN but my husband has decided that there would be more work for him in Toronto as an Engineer, would i be able to transfer references and information from the AARN to Toronto nursing association? Or would i have to re-apply?

Hope to hear from someone soon.


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I am a nurse in Ontario. The info that you need will be found by contacting the College of Nurses of Ontario.

However, in Canada, licences to different Provinces are all based on the National exam, except for Quebec. So all your documentation should be valid for your Ontario application.

Hope this helps,

Let me know if you need anything else



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Do you already have a lisence with the AARN? If so, you would probably be able to apply for a reciprical lisence through CNO (College of nurses of Ontario), but I am not sure on that. is their website. I used to live there, if you have any questions please post:)


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Thanks alot! Much appriciated :)

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