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Become a home-health nurse in Cincinnati and get free housekeeping services for a year. That's the offer that the nonprofit Visiting Nurses Association, the largest home nursing agency in town, is making to recruit new nurses.

Cincinnati Enquirer, Jan. 8, 2003


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As a new RN, I'm hoping to see more and more of this type of thing. I've heard (don't know for sure) that a hospital in Louisville, KY is paying a 6 month lease on an apartment for nurses to come to their city and work weekends. I talked to a nurse that works at Barnes hospital in St. Louis and they pay weekend opt $42.00 per hour nights and provide a room for out of towners to sleep in while in town for their shifts. A minimum of one year med-surg experience is required. The more exp....the more pay.

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I would love that Karen!


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