Nurses and Autoimmune Disorders-Psoriatic Arthritis


Hi, I am an LPN and also RN student...My husband is seriously considering RN school. He is hard pressed to find a job in his field with this economy, and nursing is such a great field. So, he is very excited about the idea of becoming a nurse.

He has Psoriatic Arthiritis and now is in remission and off the Methotraxate and Remicade he was on for 2 1/2 years. His rheumotologist advised him not to go into nursing because of the exposure risks, also that his immune system sucks due to his disorder, and I would assume it still sucks off the meds.

My question is this...are there any nurses out there that have autoimmune diseases? Are you able to work without contracting every disease you come in contact with? Do you experience difficulty in your job because of your disorder?

Thanks for your time...:redpinkhe

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i work with a nurse who has crohn's colitis. she has been a nurse for 20+ something years and has never really had any problems beyond having to call in sick when she flares and also taking a day off q 8 wks when she has remicade.

i wish you and your hubby the best!!


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I have psoriatic arthritis. I do notice that I get sick more frequently than my co-workers, and that I tend to stay sick longer. But I just take the time off of work - and don't feel guilty about it - to get better. I'm also fanatic about isolation and handwashing, and making sure I get enough sleep and don't overdo it at work (I never let anyone guilt me into working extra.)

But to answer your question, yes, I do get sick more often than a lot of people. And that really sucks, depending on where you work, because so many systems are so punitive in nature for sick calls (for instance, we're allowed 3 in a whole year, and that's it before we get disciplined). But your husband may be able to get FMLA in order to protect his absences ... and once he's done with school, he can go into a line of work where there is less exposure. Perhaps a research job or something.

Best of luck to him.


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I have rheumatoid arthritis and was on remicade for years and now take enbrel. I do get sick but no more than anyone else. I am very strict with handwashing and have no shame in wearing a mask if I feel it is warranted. My rheumatoligist is aware of my career and has no problems with it as long as I stay on top my health.

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