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:eek: before i ask for help, let me thank you in advance for any help you can give me. :redbeathe i have my final "newborn nursery" clinical on tuesday and prior to going, i am to have a chart completed re: teaching.

for each subject, i have to be detailed regarding what needs to be taught for each and why. there are some that are pretty self-explanatory and then some, i have had a difficult time figuring out what/how to teach the subject matter. i have searched online for forums that might impart information but have struck out each time. i hope that someone can direct me in the right direction so i don't spend 12 hours on this paperwork and have it still be lacking. if you could send some advice my way, i would be most appreciative.

the subjects are:

  • bulb syringe
  • positioning baby
  • bottle feeding
  • breast feeding
  • elimination
  • bathing/skin care
  • cord care
  • circumcision care
  • thermometer use
  • jaundice
  • when to call the doctor

again, thanks in advance!:redpinkhe

You can also google "Krames online" for patient education sheets on many or all of these topics. They are printable, easy to read, and something that you could hand to the families you will be working with.

Thank you all so much!!!:D


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