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I’m trying to buy a new pair of shoes for work. I’ve worn danskos, sketchers, crocs, cherokee, asics, new balances among many others over the years, and the only brand that I really like is nursemates (dove and align). My feet are wide and have high arches. I don’t want to spend $80 on another pair of nursemates- I’ve recently bought 2 pairs of other brand shoes that I hated and wish I hadn’t spent the money on. Does anyone know of another (lower price) brand of shoes that fit comparably to nursemates? 


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I have found that spending $80/twice a year for shoes is much better than paying a podiatrist or to ever having plantar fasciitis ever again! I currently wear Brooks GTS ($130/pair), but they keep changing them and they aren't as good as they used to be. The Nursemates Align are cute, but are they good for someone with low arches?

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I have the same type of feet as you. The best shoes I had were Landsend all weather slip on mocs. I wore these as an associate at Target after spending $$$$ on tons of shoes. They USED to have them in nursing school plain white leather but now are only in regular colors ?they are about $40 on sale.