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Nurselabs and NCLEX 3500


I just want to ask everyone if the Nurselabs NCLEX practice questions or NCLEX 3500 are great for practicing. I have been using them for a while now. Are they similar to NCLEX or should I look for other ones? I know everyone would recommend Kaplan but my subscription was up over 2 months before my test date. I called them back if I could get an extension but they didn't allow that and just recommended me to enroll again. I'm on a tight budget so I don't want to spend more money when I only have over a week left for my test.

here is the link for Nurselabs: http://nurseslabs.com/nclex-practice-questions/

link for NCLEX 3500: http://nursing.slcc.edu/nclexrn3500/mainMenu.do;jsessionid=21B37DE7C0D2083B680D9E4D80C3EC29

Please let me know if they are good resources to practice NCLEX style questions or if you have any other recommendations/suggestions for me to do. Thanks in advance!

loveofrn, BSN, RN

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Yes they are good but just too easy to rely on.

85% of nurselabs questions are from nclex 3500 because I use both to study. Kaplan is still the way to go according to nclex test takers

so what is the link for Kaplan?

so what is the link for Kaplan?