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Hello everyone. I am new to posting here but I have read several threads and everyone seems so, I thought I would ask for some advice. I have decided to go back to school to become a nurse and will be starting my prerequisites (sp?) next semester. In the meantime, I currently work in the online brokerage world and I am a registered representative. Thing is, I absolutely hate my job. I was wondering, is there anything that I can do that may give me some kind of push or advantage in the nursing world before I actually get my degree? I know that it won't be the same but, do you recommend any kind of experience before nursing? I think I may be stuck because, until I actually start nursing, I need to find something that pays as well as I am currently being paid (over $17/hr.) any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :)


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You will unfortunately not find anything making at least $17/hr before getting you RN license. But if you can handle a pay cut it will greatly benefit you and your career. I suggest working as a CNA or even an unit secretary, both will offer great experience. Many hospital have a nurse internship program that is wonderful to get involved in but most require you to be within 1 year of graduation.

Good luck with your schooling!!

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Best of luck to you Laura! :D

I also recently decided to switch careers and become a nurse. I volunteer 4 hours/week at a regional medical center nearby. Volunteering is a great way to enter the "world of nursing" and see what it's really like. I work in the SICU and love it! Plus I'm going to ask one of the nurses there to write a recommendation for me.

I still work my regular full-time computer job while taking classes at a community college before I start a BSN program next year. I decided I can't afford to quit my job now since I just bought a house. Once I start the nursing program, I'll quit and go full-time.

Congrats on your decision!!


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I got my RN last year with a associate degree. I am currently still a nursing student, and will graduate with my bachelor's degree in May. I worked as an aide before I got my RN and I definitely benefited from the experience. Just being in the hospital is helpful to get used to the environment. I now work on the same floor as an RN working prn while I am still in school. A lot of my classmates are also working part-time. I think it is wise to get some experience before you graduate and are thrown into a new career without any prior knowledge. Just my thoughts!!

Good luck with everything!;)

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every day you show up, you make a tremendous difference in peoples lives, you support them through illness, wellness and death.... this is priceless.

in NC our new grads start at 17 per hour, add in shift diff, plus bonuses and it's an ok living, in a few years, you're making 30 per hour including shift diff.

No nurse is ever compensated enough, money wise, we show up the next day because of the patients.... i'm in awe each day I can care for someone, and the trust they place in me....

It's a wonderful and rewarding profession, with many quirks!!!!, you'll have an interesting sense of humor to be sure:D


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Thank you so much for the great advice everyone!! I will definately do some research concerning volunteering. I am unable to take a pay cut at this time because my husband has been ill and unable to work since January so I am the sole income right now. But, volunteering a few hours a week would definately get me started in the right direction. I would have never thought of that. Once I start school next semester, I'll talk to some instructors there too who can maybe help. I knew I came to the right place for help. :0) You all rock!. Thanks again.

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